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My name is Jannick, I am a Graphic Designer specialising in graphics for film & television. I’ve been working in the movie industry since 2012.

Welcome to my portfolio !

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Films (selected credits)

The French Dispatch
The White Crow
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Magic in The Moonlight
Paris Can Wait
By The Sea
Une Rencontre
Isn't it Romantic
The Program
Joyeuse Retraite

TV (selected credits)

The Plot Against America
Family Business
The Romanoff
Black Earth Rising
Maigret / S02
Maigret / S01
Time After Time

More (other projects)

Neon Signs
Intermarché (commercial) 
Movie Posters & DVD Covers
Je Croyais [...]
Dance, kiss anyone you like

Fine Art

A selection of work is available to view on this website, however please email for a selection of more up to date examples of as yet unreleased work and I will send you a PDF version of my Portfolio, thanks !


ITV. Feature Length Drama I S02 /EP.02 - Budapest, Hungary I 2015
............ Director: Ashley Pearce
............ Production Designer: Dominic Hyman
............ Position : Lead Graphic Designer

Set in Paris, France, during the mid-1950s
Teamwork with Enikő Bognár and Alexandra Miklos

Adaptation of the famous books by Georges Simenon featuring his fictional French detective Jules Maigret.


Period Street Posters

⁣⁣Printed Map of Paris in the corridor of the famous headquarters of the Paris judicial police “ 36 quai des Orfèvres” ⁣⁣

Detectives Room / Investigation Board

Detectives Room / Headquarters of the Paris judicial police “ 36 quai des Orfèvres” ⁣⁣

Maigret’s Office

Au Petit Albert - Restaurant 

Charenton / Parisian Suburbs / Various Signs

Hippodrome de Vincennes (Horse racing track located in Paris)

Ext. Paris Streets