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My name is Jannick, I am a Graphic Designer specialising in graphics for film & television. I’ve been working in the movie industry since 2012.

Welcome to my portfolio !

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Films (selected credits)

The Nun II 
Mon Crime
Notre Dame Brûle
The French Dispatch

The White Crow
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Magic in The Moonlight
Paris Can Wait
By The Sea
Une Rencontre
Isn't it Romantic
The Program
Joyeuse Retraite

TV (selected credits)

The Gilded Age
Emily in Paris / S02
The Plot Against America

Family Business
The Romanoff
Black Earth Rising
Maigret / S02
Maigret / S01
Time After Time

More (other projects)

Neon Signs
Intermarché (commercial) 
Movie Posters & DVD Covers
Je Croyais [...]
Dance, kiss anyone you like

Fine Art

A selection of work is available to view on this website, however please email for a selection of more up to date examples of as yet unreleased work and I will send you a PDF version of my Portfolio, thanks !


ITV. Feature Length Drama I S02 /EP.02 - Budapest, Hungary I 2015
............ Director: Ashley Pearce
............ Production Designer: Dominic Hyman
............ Position : Lead Graphic Designer

Set in Paris, France, during the mid-1950s
Teamwork with Enikő Bognár and Alexandra Miklos

Adaptation of the famous books by Georges Simenon featuring his fictional French detective Jules Maigret.


Period Street Posters

⁣⁣Printed Map of Paris in the corridor of the famous headquarters of the Paris judicial police “ 36 quai des Orfèvres” ⁣⁣

Detectives Room / Investigation Board

Detectives Room / Headquarters of the Paris judicial police “ 36 quai des Orfèvres” ⁣⁣

Maigret’s Office

Au Petit Albert - Restaurant 

Charenton / Parisian Suburbs / Various Signs

Hippodrome de Vincennes (Horse racing track located in Paris)

Ext. Paris Streets