Jannick Guillou

Graphic Art Direction + Bespoke Surface Design & Large Decorative Pieces for Set Decoration + Lead Graphic Designer for Films & TV 


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Films (selected credits)

The Nun II 
Mon Crime
Notre Dame Brûle
The French Dispatch
The White Crow
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
Magic in The Moonlight
Paris Can Wait
By The Sea
Une Rencontre
Isn't it Romantic
The Program
Joyeuse Retraite

TV (selected credits)

Becoming Karl Lagerfeld The Gilded Age
Emily in Paris / S02
The Plot Against America
Family Business
The Romanoff
Black Earth Rising
Maigret / S02
Maigret / S01
Time After Time

Theater & more (other projects)

Black Comedy
Neon Signs
Intermarché (commercial) 
Movie Posters & DVD Covers
Je Croyais [...]
Dance, kiss anyone you like

A selection of work is available to view on this website, however please email for a selection of more up to date examples of as yet unreleased work and I will send you a PDF version of my Portfolio, thanks !


Working Title, Feature I Period I Biopic I Shot in Budapest I 2018
............ Director: Marjane Satrapi
............ Production Designer: Michael Carlin
............ Supervising Art Director: Zsuzsa Kismarty-Lechner
............ Set Decorator: Robert Wischhusen-Hayes

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Parisian Café in the 1900’s

French Posters from World War I / Official government announcements

Radiology Ambulance Signs

Parisian Newsstand / Period Newspapers and illustrated magazines

Marie Curie and Pierre Curie shown conducting an experiment on the cover of the Le Petit Parisien - 1904

Period Posters

⁣Tile Floor printed on Lino ⁣⁣/ Polish Hospital Set

Lino Printed seamless repeating texture, imitating a damaged and dirty concrete floor

⁣Spectroscopy / Eugène-Anatole Demarçay was a French chemist, specialist in the emerging field of spectroscopy, he helped Marie Curie to confirm the existence of another new element, radium, in 1898.⁣

Parisian Café in the 1900’s

Jewellery Front Store Graphics

Period Front Store Design / Early 1900’

 Paperworks / Chemistry department of the Faculty of Sciences - Sorbonne Université, Paris


Periodic table of elements / Sorbonne Université, Paris
In 1900, Curie became the first woman faculty member at the École Normale Supérieure and her husband joined the faculty of the University of Paris

Parisian Café in the 1900’s

Photocomposite / backdrop / to hide the building across the street printed on cotton-based fabric
400 x 700 cm
Location in Budapest : 

Radium By Products

American Hospital corridors, Cleveland 1957

Portrait for Pierre & Marie Curie / Curie’s House

Draft of Marie Curie's speech, handwritten by Bronia (her sister) / Stockholm Hotel

Telegram received by Marie informing her that she had been given an unprecedented second Nobel Prize, this time in chemistry

Pierre Curie’s reply to decline the Legion of Honour / 1903.

In 1923, Marie wrote a biography of her late husband, titled "Pierre Curie".